Family Dinner

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Miles: 0

Wake, gym, RB/O, CNN, Farm.

We spend a nice day with Marty at the Farm.  She is having a bit more difficulty with her speech today and all three of us make jokes about the guessing game we have to sometimes play.  I have no doubt it is extremely frustrating for her, but she makes the best of her situation.  I realize that she would like for me to go out and get a few items for her, but what items?  She attempts to write her requests on her white board and I attempt to translate the hieroglyphics.  Marty and I both feel a huge sense of triumph when my lightbulb goes off and I guess that she wants HERB OX (chicken bouillon!)

While I am gone Rich and Marty have a powwow on her investments.  You better believe that she knows exactly where she stands with each and every one of her “picks.”  She is almost as good as Rich at keeping track.

The remainder of the afternoon goes along with various little tasks and games of 10,000 dice on her tablet. As is usually the case in retirement homes, dinner comes around early.  At 5:30 Billy arrives to have dinner with us, his mom, sister and Marty.  He first has to fix up the several bird feeders that he keeps supplied right out Marty’s window.  Evidently they have a “squirrel problem” and it is driving everyone crazy.  He puts up what he says is a “squirrel proof” feeder.  Tomorrow we will see how/if it works.

Dinner is in the grill tonight (as opposed to the formal dining room) and is actually pretty good.  We all enjoy chatting and laughing about old (and new) times. We talked at length about Janel and Isam and we relived the Mesa wedding.  We talked a lot about how John is doing with both his new home and his game.  (I miss them a lot…)


There is a nice living area where we retired after dinner for more stories.


Aunt Joan never wants her photo taken – she is VERY photogenic!

It is hard to tear ourselves away, but we have many miles to drive tomorrow.  We will return in the morning to complete a few little tasks and say our goodbyes (for now) to Marty.



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