A Turn to the West

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Miles 408

All business today.  We have to get up early because we have a lot of miles to cover.  No gym today.  RB/O, coffee, pack up and Farm.

When we arrive at the Farm we find Marty is still snoozing.  Rich gently wakes her and we end up having a really nice quiet time together.

Marty requested that Rich read aloud an article from a professor that she used to work with at Union Theological Seminary.  It was a very touching and thoughtful article on aging. (I wanted to link to it here, but forgot the actual title.  We have asked Marty and when we find out I will post a link).

The verdict on Bill’s squirrel-proof feeder came in quickly:




As you can imagine, it was very difficult for us to leave.  My mom always says “You have to leave so you can come back.”  Very true and we hope to come back to visit Marty in the near future.

Today we are driving to Zanesville, OH.  No big reason for Zanesville other than it is about halfway to Evansville (our destination for tomorrow).


The drive is mostly on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and then Interstate 70. When lunchtime rolls around we make a quick stop at a little dive.  The thinking is to get a small bite and have a nice dinner tonight.

I order the crab soup (delicious) and a grilled cheese sandwich.  Rich goes all in with the meatloaf sandwich and fries.  “Would you like gravy on everything?” What do YOU think?


I have no words for this…

We motor and and finally reach Zanesville, OH – home of novelist Zane Grey.  A Yelp search revealed that there is really only one decent restaurant in town.  Done.  We pull up to Muddy Miser’s restaurant and learn that it is named for a character in one of Mr. Grey’s novels.



Muddy’s is situated directly on the Muskingum River and we choose wisely to sit outside for the view.


Dinner here is a treat.  We each order a different craft beer and choose to share a pork chop plate with a side of warm cabbage and brussel salad.  Perfect.


Tomorrow we will drive the rest of the way to Heavensville where we will stay for 3 nights with Mom and Dad.  We are really looking forward to the pampering that I know we will receive!


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