Out and About in Indiana and Kentucky

Friday, September 21, 2018

Miles: 174

So nice to wake up in Heavensville! We sleep late, then enjoy the morning ritual of having coffee in the Master Suite with Mom and Dad. A wonderful late breakfast of Creamed Chipped Beef on toast (otherwise known as SOS for you Army brats) is prepared and served by Mom in the Dining Room.

Stirring and stirring…



Rich loves the Sedum plant that attracts butterflies!

Since we have no set plans for the day, Dad suggests a drive taking in a tour of downtown Evansville, Henderson, KY and the revamped riverfront in Owensboro, KY. Sounds great.

Note that all these towns are on the Ohio River

We enjoy touring and learning things we did not previously know from Dad who serves as a fantastic guide. He has lived in Evansville all his life and knows this area like the back of his hand.

Old Evansville Courthouse
Owensboro has created a fantastic riverfront


Rich braves the water feature

After a full afternoon of sightseeing, we all seem to have developed a powerful thirst. Naturally, a stop at the Gerst Haus is in order. It is one of our favorite places in Evansville. It is definitely on the list for when Janel, Isam and Johnny visit here in December.



A stop is made to pick up Alan and we return to Westlake Drive. Alan, Rich and I have a lively political discussion while mom and dad seemingly “throw together” a dinner feast. (I believe Rich and I learned how to “throw together” a great dinner from them).

A wonderful Skype call with Janel and Isam capped off the day. We all can’t wait for their Christmas visit!

Tonight we are treated to Pork Chops, Cooked Apples, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy and Homemade Baguettes. It is absolutely a “Johnny meal” and we wish he could be here to share. Believe me when I say that Mom’s gravy stole the show. How did she do that? One of the sayings on our family calendar is from Erma Bombeck – “In our house, gravy is a vegetable…”


This was a great day with family and we enjoyed every minute. Tomorrow is our last day here. We are planning to help Alan set up his tv with Netflix. Wish us luck with that one.


4 thoughts on “Out and About in Indiana and Kentucky

  1. Turns out I didn’t need a Roku…good thing too cuz I have a door barely big enough to fit the thing through and the drain I’m told it needed was in the laundry room and the tv wasn’t. Would we need some type of gutter? Anyway thank you for showing me how to avoid dealing with that “R” thing. I’m perfectly happy my current 2 remote set-up,my Fox and football and my Torku (Troku,Toroku) for Netflix and whatever else is out there.

  2. Skyping with Isam and Janel was so special. And we,too wished that John was here for that pork chop special with cooked Granny Smith apples and mashed potatoes with very good gravy. We’re looking forward to Christmas. Mom

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