Chicken Fit

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Miles: 0

We awaken to another fantastic morning of coffee in the Master Suite.  Mom and Dad have a real “Catbird Seat” from which to watch the neighborhood comings and goings.

Dad prepares breakfast today.  We are treated to his almost famous poached eggs along with English muffins and bacon.  Wow.

The master chef at work


During breakfast I see something out of the corner of my eye in the living room picture window.  Was that a car? Or a deer?!

Mama and 2 fawns!
Running for the woods

The only plan for today is for us to fix up Alan with a way to watch Netflix.  We have talked so much about how we are hooked on the show – Shameless – and we know that he would love it.  We are thinking we will need to purchase a Roku to get him started.

Alan and Rich run to Target and come back with a Roku and a large pot for a tree that is being delivered to his house today as a birthday gift from Mom and Dad.  After several attempts to get the Roku to talk to his tv, Rich figures out that Alan’s tv is a SMART tv and needs NO Roku!  A bit of juking around and he is set city with more channels than anyone can watch.

The only way you will ever see Alan’s cat, Chalice.  (Charles + Alice, get it?)

Fed Ex has stopped by and Alan’s “Money Tree” is delivered.  It is a kind of tree that he grew in Hawaii and really enjoyed.  He tracked down a source online and Mom and Dad gifted one to him for his birthday.

Tree arrives

The three of us got to work setting up the beast.  It looks great in his kitchen!



Of course, we watch Episode One of Shameless with Alan.  Of course, he is hooked!  We tell him NOT to binge-watch.  You want to make the series last as long as possible.

After the show we arrange to meet Mom and Dad at a favorite local tavern/eatery – the Hilltop Inn. It is just the place to satisfy a “Chicken Fit.” A mixed plat of fried chicken gizzards/livers is ordered and scarfed down.  The meal is completed with fried chicken for me, Rich and Dad.  Alan has a burger and Mom a fantastic looking Patty Melt.  There is absolutely nowhere for us to get chicken that even comes close.


Too hot to eat, but Rich can’t resist!

This was another really great day in Evansville.  We are sad that we must leave tomorrow, but know that we will be back in December.  Tomorrow is a long drive to Kansas City and we must hit the hay.


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