Manhattan (Kansas, that is…)

Monday, September 24, 2018

Happy Birthday, Alan!

The President has nice comfy beds that allow us to sleep in this morning. We lounge and watch a bit of CNN. Have we become news junkies? Well…there is SO much going on (especially this week) that we have gotten hooked. No matter what side of the fence you are on, you have to admit that these are some weird times for our beloved country. This blog is not political and I will keep it that way.

There is a fantastic gym here at the hotel and we finally drag ourselves downstairs for a workout. Another perk of our Hilton Honors status is that breakfast is included. The Walnut Room in the hotel is a cavernous space – we are almost the only ones in there at the late hour of 10:00.


Both of us enjoy picking around at the well-stocked buffect. We take our time and enjoy a leisurely breakfast before it is time to pack up and move on.




Today’s drive is a short 2 hour trip down the road to Manhattan, KS.


We have an afternoon tee time at Colbert Hills Golf Course – home of the K-State golf team. The course looks pretty nice and winds around what appears to be a brand new neighborhood.


We step up to the first tee and our opinion changes. It is a carry over long fescue that leads to an extremely sloped fairway (rolls way left into the fescue). Oh, and then there is a lake between you and the hole. The fairways are so hard and bouncy that our balls look like “superballs” when they hit. This is not going to be pretty. Rich even contemplates trying to get our money back! We decide to continue and see if it gets any better. It does not. So many holes have tee shots where you cannot possibly us a driver, you have no idea where to try and aim and you know your ball will bounce into areas sight unseen.

We decided that when visiting collegiate golf teams come here to play K-State they must absolutely HATE it!

Was there anything redeeming? Well…the weather was good.

After the round we are both starving and decide to go for an early dinner before checking in to our hotel. I have already chosen the place – Harry’s – in downtown Manhattan.

We sit at the empty bar and chat with the sweet bartender – Hannah.  It is Happy Hour.  We decide to order a couple of small plates to share.  Every single one of them was fantastic!


We try the Smoked Chicken Pizza, the Vegetable Egg Rolls and Rich has one huge Seared Scallop.



Harry’s was an excellent choice. I don’t know how we find these gems, but I hope we continue!

Check-in goes smoothly at the Candlewood Inn in Manhattan.  We are both tired and settle in to watch a bit of tv.  Just when we thought it couldn’t get better, Rich goes down to the “pantry” at our hotel and comes back with a pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream…


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