Land of Oz

Tuesday,  September 25, 2018

Mile: 493

Today we tackle the beast – KANSAS.  But first, workout and Raisin Bran.


Workout Complete!

Kansas is a long state and we have to traverse the entire length today.  We have both driven thru this state before and know we are facing a long day of farmland and prairie.


Yep.  This is it for miles and miles.

We entertain ourselves with CNN and country radio.  I discovered a new country tune title to add to my list of great titles: “She Made My Day and It Ruined My Life.”

There is a welcome diversion when Rich studies the map and realizes that we are going to be passing directly through Cawker, KS – home of The World’s Largest Ball of Twine. The anticipation keeps us plugging along.


Check this off the Bucket List

A short stop is made for lunch in a hole in the wall diner.  We end up ordering breakfast – eggs over easy along with a hamburger steak.  Delicious!



Shelly’s Cafe
This could take a while

We motor on and finally reach Eastern Colorado.  Looks just like Kansas. Rich expertly guides us smack into downtown Denver and the Le Meridien Hotel. We have no problem turning our car over to the valet.  No way will we be driving during our two days here.

During check in we are upgraded to a room on a high floor.  Nice.


Don’t wanna drive

First stop tonight is the rooftop bar and the Le Meridien where the people-watching is excellent.


We strike out on foot to find a spot for dinner.  Nighttime in downtown Denver is lively.  It is a great place to walk around.


We end up on Larimer Street where there are dozens of restaurants and bars.  After looking at several of the menus we decided upon Ted’s Montana for dinner.



Dinner was a shared gourmet Bison Burger with blue cheese and Gruyere – amazing!  But, the best thing was the Chef’s Choice Vegetable – sauteed Brussel Sprouts with Garlic and Bacon.


This has been a great evening in Denver.  Tomorrow we have no real set plans. We are going to step outside and see what the day brings.



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