Culture in Denver

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Miles: Walking – felt like 20, but was probably 2

Good morning, Denver

Looks like it is going to be a beautiful day today here in Denver.  We plan to wander the downtown area and see what we can find. First stop – the Fitness Room on the 20th floor.


Ride like the wind

Then breakfast.  We passed by a cool looking place last night – Sam’s No. 3 Diner.  We found out later that it had been featured in Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.


This place is huge inside and their menu just for breakfast is multiple pages.

Will Rich order the SIX egg omelet??


Rich has a waffle and grits and I order a pancake sandwich with over easy eggs. Yum!


No, I didn’t eat it ALL…(but I tried)

We are well-fed and ready to explore.  During breakfast we discussed options and decided that we should visit one of the art museums.  But which one? Denver Art Museum or Museum of Contemporary Art?  Which would you choose?

Our choice

The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver hosts only one artist’s exhibit at a time.  Right now they are featuring the work of Tara Donovan.  We have no idea what to expect.  The receptionist tells us that Ms Donovan is a “sculptor” of sorts and uses everyday items to create her works.  “A full museum takeover of Donovan’s sculpture, drawings, works on paper, and site-responsive installations that will leave your jaw on the floor.”


This is made of Slinkys
drinking straws

We love it.  Around every corner is a new medium and a new delight.

Torn tar paper!

I think the ones I really couldn’t believe were the artworks made simply of index cards.

Index cards and spaces between (Janet – I think Rich found the work that matches his outfit.  Remember doing that at MOMA in NY?)


Stacked cards

This one uses pins:


Now, we are not art critics, but this stuff is cool!

Strips of mylar shaped into little cones


I think we made the right choice of museums to visit!

During Rich’s Denver research he got wind that there is a large gourmet marketplace and food hall where we might find a nibble to sustain us.  We walk for what seems like miles and miles and finally encounter the Denver Central Market.



There are many vendors here.  The MO is to walk around, find what you want to eat, order it and then take it to anywhere you would like to sit. We chose Culture Meat and Cheese where we ordered a small meat/cheese plate to share.


After taking a seat at the nearby bar and ordering a couple of beers, our lunch was ready.  We nibbled and savored while discussing the art that we had just seen.

The walk back to our hotel was long. My dogs were barking and a nap was in order.

This is for you, Janel

After relaxing in our room we headed out again.  Lunch was a while ago and we only nibbled.  Tonight we are looking for wood-fired pizza at Grimaldi’s.


A shared Caesar Salad and Margherita Pizza was just what we needed to revitalize our strength.  While we were sitting at dinner we noticed a “Lucky Strike” neon sign on the 3rd floor of our building.  Hmmm.  Bowling alley? We must check it out.

Lucky Strike bowling is part of “For the Win” entertainment center.  It is a huge complex with bowling, shuffleboard, hockey and tons of video games. We decide to try out the bowling.

Of course, we have to discuss our “handicaps” before we begin.  I plead my case that I have only bowled less than a dozen times in my life and a 68 is probably a high score for me.  Rich bowled every Saturday as a child and I know he has mad skills.  He gives himself a meager 99 point handicap.


We have to wait for a lane so we park ourselves at a little hightop table where we can look at the action.  Looks pretty cool.  Every lane even has its own big screen tv.  Most are tuned to sports or even a movie.  We laugh that one lane has their tv tuned to Family Feud!  A discussion ensues as to which channel we will choose.

When we are called to our lane we gather proper shoes and balls.  Let’s go!

No caption needed


Look at the form!


Crowing over my strike!

I think I won the first game due strictly to handicap pins that Rich gave me.  He killed me on the next two!

Second game: (Rich is Gumby)


Final game:


Too much fun!  We had a blast and maybe will try it again if we find a place at home.

On the way out we took at look at some of the other games.

I am SURE I could win at this

Short walk back to the hotel.  We have a relatively short (5+hours) drive to Moab tomorrow so it is lights out tonight.


3 thoughts on “Culture in Denver

  1. Just so you know, you’ll be driving through Glenwood Springs on your way to Moab (that is if you’re on I70). That’s my home town, I grow up there. Doc Holliday is buried there, it has the worlds largest, natural heated swimming pool and it’s in the heart of the Rockies. If you have time, you should stop.

    1. Pam – Unfortunately we did not know that at the time. The HUGE billboard “Pam Zwickl was born HERE” should have tipped us off! Hey – we tried really hard to play the Hideout, but couldn’t get a morning tee time. Played Moab instead. Southern Utah is gorgeous!

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