Ski Country

Thursday, September 27,  2018

Miles: 353

Our initial plan was to drive from Denver to Farmington, NM and play golf the next day at Pinion Hills (Farmington).  Then on Friday we would drive to Flagstaff, play golf at Continental and have a short rest of the drive home.  All hotels were booked.  However, when we tried to make a tee time at Pinion and Continental, there were none available in the mornings.  No problem.  We are flexible.

We searched around for a course to play tomorrow in Utah.  Our friends, Dan and Pam had told me about The Hideout Course in Monticello.  Great!  Oh wait.  There are no morning tee times available there… Rich finds Moab Golf course in Southern Utah.  Yay!  It looks gorgeous online and we book.

I scramble and change hotel plans.  I found a Comfort Suites where we could get a free night tonight in Moab.  Booked.  (We decided to keep our Flagstaff hotel and just not play golf on our last day).The only hitch in this plan is that we will play golf in the morning tomorrow and then have a 5+ hour drive to Flag.  We decide to suck it up.

Of  course we begin our day at the Fitness Center at the Le Meridien.  I am” jonesing” for a Starbucks. Thank Heaven there is one just down the block.  I pick up two lattes and a couple of bites for a small breakfast in our room.  BUT – after bringing my haul upstairs Rich exclaims that his cup has hot chocolate… What?  I quickly check mine.  Same thing.  So disappointing.  We sip a bit before packing up.

While the valet gets our car I traipse back to Bucks and get my money back.  I don’t even want a coffee now.  Will get one later.  My beloved Bucks really let me down.


The drive to Moab is pretty cool.  We motor through many ski destinations in Colorado – Breckenridge and Vail in particular.  The scenery is great with mountains full of Aspens that are just starting to turn brilliant yellow.



During the entire drive we were riveted on the Kavanaugh hearings.  I have to admit it kept us entertained and gave us plenty to talk about.  It was also quite stressful. No political statement here – just musing.

Basically all we did was drive.

Coming into Moab was cool.  It is the home of Arches National Park and is absolutely stunning scenery.  We did not really look around tonight.  We are tired.  A dinner place is chosen – The Atomic Grill. We aren’t expecting much in Moab, but it does get great reviews.

The place does not look like much from the outside and it is virtually empty.  Great. We choose to sit at the bar and the bartender seems excited about many of the menu items.  The menu is very unusual for the setting.  There is Bison Meatloaf, Rabbit Stew, Duck Tamales, Bison Machaca, Grilled Trout…  I choose the Duck Tamales and Rich has the Elk Stew.

OMG.  The food is fabulous!  This chef really knows his flavors and cares about his food.


Elk Stew
Duck Tamales

Wow.  We are super impressed and super happy!  This place is absolutely a hidden gem.

Early tee time tomorrow (our last golf round).We hope the course is a good as it looks online.


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