Beautiful Utah

Friday, September 28, 2018

Miles: 317

Golf day in Moab.  This will be our last golf of this trip (Rich says maybe the last of his life…) and I am crossing my fingers that the course will be nice.

No workout today – we are calling it “Recovery Day.”  After a quick breakfast at the hotel we pack it up and drive 10 minutes to Moab Golf Course. We can tell right away that the scenery here will be stunning.


A couple (Robin and Bill) who used to live in Moab joins us. They are very friendly and fun.  Robin tells us that her parents helped to build the original 9 holes!

The weather is absolutely perfect.  We start off with jackets on and after about 30 minutes they come off. Clear, sunny and mild. Finally.




Fantastic course.  We both played well and enjoyed the company of Robin and Bill.  We patted ourselves on the back for changing plans and ending up here.

Wild Turkeys on the course




Now the hard part.  We have to drive all the way to Flagstaff this afternoon.  We both grab a quick bite to take with us and head off through southern Utah.


This drive was hands down the prettiest stretch of the trip.  I think I had forgotten how beautiful Utah is.  Monument Valley is especially gorgeous. (photos do NOT do it justice)



Because the drive was so beautiful, time passed quickly.  We also gained back an hour when we reached Arizona and reached Flagstaff around 5:30pm.  The Fairfield Suites gave us an nice, large upgraded room in which we relaxed for a while and perused Yelp to find a dinner spot.

The Shift Kitchen was chosen for our last dinner on the road.  It is smack in downtown Flagstaff.  The downtown area here is very vibrant and interesting.  When we came to Shift Kitchen, we knew immediately that it is our kind of place. It is an intimate, small place with tables and a “chef’s bar” seating area.  Of course we sat at the Chef’s Bar.


The menu here changes daily depending on what fresh ingredients can be procured.  They have great choices of small and smaller plates. We selected wine and were enco – uraged to order slowly – one plate at a time.

Very difficult to choose.  We decided to start with the Roasted Brussels with Bacon Jam, Home Made Sourdough with Strawberry Butter and Humbolt Fog Cheese. Awesome choices.


The chefs were fun to watch and we engaged in chatter with a few of them.  When our server found out it was our “anniversary” she presented us with a couple of glasses of Cava!  Got to love it.


For our final choice we had the Marinated Quail with Peach Mostarda.  It was almost sinful and we nibbled every morsel off the tiny bones.


Dessert is hardly ever on our radar.  However, since we had seen several desserts being prepped right before our eyes, we decided to indulge in the Brown Butter Blondie with Chantilly Cream.  OMG

This was a fantastic way to end our road trip.  We sat recalled many of the memories we secured along the way.  Both of us agree that this one was one of our best. We discussed the possibility of just continuing on…

Tomorrow we have a nice, short drive home from Flag. It will be good to see our boy and sleep in our own bed.


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