Back Home

October 2, 2018

Miles: 180

Back home in AZ after thirty-eight days on the road. About 7,000 miles overall.

We’ve spent a couple days at home now – it feels good. I can say for both of us that this was one of the best US road trips we’ve taken, for a number of reasons.  Road trips can have a way of dragging one down. Too much sitting in the car and eating at restaurants.  But we did a lot of things right this time.

For starters, we’re getting pretty good at this. Our travel “stress” level is low because (we think) we generally know what we’re doing.  Mostly shorter drive days (math majors will note we averaged only 184 miles/day).  And Linda is a marvelous planner, always thinking a few steps ahead, ready to weave and dodge as needed.

We hit the fitness room at nearly every accommodation we could. We’re only talking 10-15 minutes, so the workouts were intense, you know the ones where you raise your heartbeat to 95% of capacity. For me, I believe that made a big difference in ongoing energy level.

At restaurants, we shared portions more often than not. [When we do that, we tend to tip even higher than normal because we know this reduces the overall bill.]

We cooked for ourselves in many of the AirBnB or VRBO places we stayed. Linda even brought along a big electric skillet for those “kitchenette” places. This ups the quality of course, but also adds comfort. Cheffing (or sous cheffing) then settling in front of the TV (sometimes even Netflix!) feels soothingly like home.

A wonderful balance of friends, family, activities, golf, and waterfront sitting. Couldn’t ask for more. Yes, this was one of the best US road trips we’ve taken.


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