NOLA to the Big D

August 9, 2010 Miles: 570 miles Our most serious travel day so far. We made an early plan to getting rolling, starting with hotel breakfast and retrieval of our car from the valet. While it rained, Mandy expertly guided us out of the French Quarter and onto I-10, then I-49 heading northwest across Louisiana. McP’s … More NOLA to the Big D

Like 3 miles or somethin. Ah you know. Just strollin down the river. Nevermind that we completely missed the cafe Momums and Daddles intended for us to meet them at. This is ok: we are in New Orleans, city of awesome, and it is nice and warm outside. Ah, there’s the coffee house. All this … More

Deep in Florence

Friday, August 612 miles If it’s Friday, it must be Florence. We wake up and wonder again “where are we today?” When we notice a cat in the bed, we realize we spent the night last night in Florence at Mary’s house. Having her cat, Baby Girl, sleep with us has reminded me how much … More Deep in Florence