2013-1 Spain, France, & Portugal

“Here I Go Again” 3/12/2013
“Just A Typical Day in Madrid” 3/14/2013
“The Only Way to Fly…” 3/14/2013
“Another Shameless Shout Out to Xing!” 3/14/2013
“Bienvenue a Francais” 3/15/2013
“Lyon: Vieux Lyon, Le Bouchon Des Filles, L’Arc en Ciel” 3/17/2013
“Could Be Worse…Could Be Raining Oh, Wait, it IS Raining!” 3/19/2013
“And the Cycle Begins Again” 3/20/2013
“The Short-Haired Ladies Reunite!” 3/21/2013
“Great Full Day in Madrid!” 3/21/2013
“Bem-vindas a Lisboa” 3/22/2013
“It’s Good to be Queen!” 3/23/2013
““Get in the Car, Get IN the Car, Get IN THE CAR!”” 3/24/2013
“Douro Valley: Casa Cimeira, Pinhão-Pocinho Train, Port Tastings” 3/25/2013
“We are Still Alive and Well in Portugal!” 3/25/2013
“Ho Hum – We’re Visiting another Palace (It’s Still Good to Be Queen)” 3/26/2013
“Ok – Here’s the Deal” 3/27/2013
“Three Animals/One Night” 3/27/2013
“She Needs Another Palace!” 3/28/2013
“A Cheesy Ending to the Short Haired Ladies Trip” 3/29/2013
“Goodbye, Janet” 3/30/2013
“Happy Easter!” 3/31/2013
“In Lieu of Gifts, Please Send Wine” 3/31/2013
“Argentine Pizza? In Madrid? YES!” 4/1/2013
“You Have to Leave so You Can Come Back” 4/3/2013