2014-3 Road Trip & Florida

And They’re Off! 8/24/2014
How Far Would You Drive for a Burger? 8/25/2014
Temporary Hiatus 8/26/2014
Stingy 8/27/2014
Mississippi Gulf Coast Golf and Gambling 8/28/2014
Stormy Weather 8/29/2014
Full Day at the Waldorf 8/30/2014
Celebration (What do You Think about this Community?) 8/31/2014
Same Old, Same Ol 9/1/2014
Champion’s Gate and Twisted Treat 9/2/2014
Start the Insanity (This is the “golfing our heads off” portion of the trip 9/3/2014
Wanna Be Champion 9/4/2014
The Palmer Course Whips U 9/5/2014
Rain, Rain Go Awa 9/6/2014
Back to the “Seasons 9/7/2014
Perfect Day in Palm Beac 9/8/2014
The Course We Love to Hat 9/9/2014
Time to Move On 9/10/2014
What SUP II? 9/11/2014
Slowww Golf and a Fishy Ending 9/12/2014
Finishing in the Woods 9/13/2014
Bye-Bye Florida (at least for now) 9/14/2014
On the Road Again 9/15/2014
Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow 9/16/2014
Makin’ It On My Own 9/17/2014
No Rest for the Wicked 9/18/2014
More Rainy Golf 9/20/2014
Movin’ Up in the World 9/20/2014
Between a Rock and a Hard Place 9/21/2014
Hard Rock to Hard Body? 9/22/2014
Surviving Another Day at the Ranch 9/23/2014
All Things Must End 9/25/2014
Trying to Fit it All in at the Ranch 9/25/2014
Reality Bites 9/26/2014
Evansville, Here I Come! 9/28/2014
Life in Evansville 9/29/2014
Shopping, Cooking and Eating (isn’t that all we do?) 9/29/2014
The Boys are Back! 10/1/2014
Getting Our Golf Fix in Evansville 10/2/2014
Just the Four of Us 10/3/2014
Saturday Activities on the Love Boat 10/4/2014
Homeward Bound 10/8/2014