2016-1 Ireland, England, Wales, & Spain

Torks are On the Move (again 6/1/2016
Into the Land of the Gree 6/2/2016
East to Wes 6/3/2016
Where Have We Been 6/3/2016
Sitting on the Right, Driving on the Lef 6/4/2016
Touring the Wild Atlantic Way in Irelan 6/5/2016
We Just May have Found Paradis 6/6/2016
Fantastic Day on Inis Meai 6/7/2016
We are Starting to Really Like Irelan 6/8/2016
Dingle Captures our Heart 6/9/2016
From the Coast to the Convent 6/10/2016
(no title) 6/10/2016
Last Day in Ireland 6/11/2016
Lord, Where’s the Ring? 6/12/2016
“Get on Board, Little Children – Get on Board” 6/13/2016
Getting Into the Swing of Things 6/14/2016
Out of Contact (and out of control) 6/14/2016
The Perfect Pivot 6/15/2016
May the Keys Be With You (“Lord Where’s the Keys?” 6/16/2016
Another Day, Another Pub 6/17/2016
Beautiful Llangollen 6/18/2016
Happy Father’s Day! 6/19/2016
If It’s Monday, This Must Be Barcelona 6/20/2016
Finally Getting to See Our Girl! 6/21/2016
Walking and Biking Barcelona 6/22/2016
Fireworks in Barcleona! 6/23/2016
Charting New Territory 6/24/2016
Beach Day! 6/25/2016
A Meaty Feast! 6/26/2016
A Change of Scene 6/26/2016
Back to Semi-Reality 6/27/2016
Recovery in Barcelona 6/28/2016
Final Day in Barcelona 6/29/2016
Take the Long Way Hom 7/1/2016