2016-1 Spain, Germany, France, & Switzerland

Fly, Wait, Repeat 3/9/2016
Ready or Not, Here I Go 3/9/2016
“Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” * 3/10/2016
SECRET TRIP DAY! 3/10/2016
BudaBest 3/11/2016
Bathtime in Budapest 3/12/2016
Bathtime! 3/12/2016
Goose Stepping And Goose Liver 3/13/2016
Back to the Grind… 3/14/2016
A Small Taste of Gaudi 3/15/2016
Cut and Color 3/16/2016
To the Sea and Back 3/17/2016
Dinner Party – Spanish Style 3/18/2016
Just get me to Beden-Beden 3/19/2016
Auf Wiedersehen Germany, Bon Jour, France! 3/20/2016
The Alsace: Wherein We Officially Lose Track Of How Much Foie We Have Eaten 3/21/2016
Walking through the Forest and Eating the Clouds 3/22/2016
Bad Krozingen 3/23/2016
Degusting at Auberge de L’Ill 3/24/2016
A Tiny Taste of Switzerland 3/25/2016
Begin in Switzerland, End in Japan 3/26/2016
(no title) 3/26/2016
Happy Easter in the Spanish Countryside 3/27/2016
Calçotada! 3/28/2016