2011-4 Florida

Linda started this road trip on a mission to pick Jack and Rich up in Maine (if you want, read about our cross-country bicycle adventure).  On the way, she visited Indiana and New Jersey to see family and friends.

From Maine, the trip took us down the eastern seaboard, eventually for a return foray into Florida for an extended golfing holiday (if you want, read about our previous Florida trip here).

8/18/2011 Am I Ready For This?
8/19/2011 Adventure on the First Day
8/20/2011 Dorothy, we are still in Kansas?
8/21/2011 “Home Again In Indiana”
8/22/2011 Golf and Gizzards!
8/23/2011 Lazy Day on the “Love Boat”
8/24/2011 On The Road Again
8/25/2011 The Garden State
8/26/2011 The Calm Before The Storm?
8/27/2011 Hurricane Party?
8/28/2011 Hurricane Update
8/29/2011 Northward Bound
8/30/2011 Ba Haba
8/31/2011 Waiting for Rich
9/1/2011 Congratulations Rich and Jack!!!
9/2/2011 The New Journey Begins
9/3/2011 A Day at the Farm
9/4/2011 White Line Fever
9/5/2011 Vacation Day
9/6/2011 Thunderstorms and Golf
9/7/2011 Taking Jack Home
9/8/2011 Welcome Home Jack!
9/9/2011 Florida or Bust!
9/10/2011 Fernandina Beach
9/11/2011 Lazy Day in Fernandina
9/12/2011 Traversing Florida
9/13/2011 New Digs, New Golf Courses
9/14/2011 Innisbrook Golf
9/15/2011 Final Morning at Innisbrook
9/16/2011 Punta Gorda Florida
9/17/2011 Way Down Here in Miami
9/18/2011 Life at Turnberry
9/19/2011 South Beach Anyone?
9/20/2011 Life at Turnberry II
9/21/2011 It’s Our Anniversary (again!)
9/22/2011 Last Day at Turnberrry
9/23/2011 First Day at PGA National
9/24/2011 ACE!
9/25/2011 Just Another Day at the PGA
9/26/2011 PGA National and Food Shack
9/27/2011 A Perfect Day
9/28/2011 Vacation at the Four Seasons
9/29/2011 “You Can Check Out Anytime You Like”
9/30/2011 Naples: Back to Serious Golf
10/1/2011 Back Down to Earth
10/2/2011 Kickin’ It in Naples
10/3/2011 Corkscrewed
10/4/2011 Onward to the “Happiest Place on Earth”
10/5/2011 TWDWT
10/6/2011 Chattanooga Choo Choo
10/7/2011 The Love Boat
10/8/2011 Fall has Arrived in Evansville!
10/9/2011 Pancakes For All
10/10/2011 Golf Day!
10/11/2011 Keller TX
10/12/2011 Sleeping With Aliens
10/13/2011 Home
10/26/2011 And the Winner Is. . .


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