2012-1 Spain, Morocco, & Italy

Linda, Janel, and Janet, a. k. a. The Short Haired Ladies, enjoyed a multi-week visit to Spain and especially to the Amalfi Coast of Italy. A side trip to Morocco was also involved.

3/19/2012 The All New Adventures of the Short-Haired Ladies
3/20/2012 And She’s Off
3/22/2012 Bienvenue a Marrakech
3/23/2012 Marrakech Reveals a Few of Her Secrets
3/24/2012 Marrakharacters, Visions in the Desert
3/25/2012 A Tale of Two Cities
3/26/2012 Here I Am Again On My Own
3/27/2012 Just another Ho-Hum Day in Madrid
3/28/2012 Happy Belated Birthday Janel
3/29/2012 Eating La Huelga
3/30/2012 Adios España/Bienvenido a Italia!
3/31/2012 Praiano, Day One: Less Fretting, More Prosecco
4/1/2012 A TALE OF TWO CITIES: Contrasts and Perspectives
4/2/2012 Art and Cooking – A Day of Culture (“Praise Jesus!”)
4/3/2012 Agerola to Nocelle: Walking with the Gods
4/4/2012 Women and Wine
4/5/2012 Into Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall
4/6/2012 Capri Questing; a Praiano Coda
4/7/2012 Naples – Birthplace of Pizza???
4/8/2012 We Have to Leave so that We Can Come Back
4/9/2012 Lieu: Afternoon Degustation with Daniele Scelza
4/10/2012 Life Begins at Lunch
4/11/2012 The Long Way Home
4/11/2012 The Best of The Best: Italy
4/17/2012 The Best of The Best: Spain / Morocco


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