2013-2 Road Trip & Florida

“Here We Go Again – Florida Odyssey #4” 8/27/2013
“Who Doesn’t LIke Pie?” 8/28/2013
“Go East Young Man” 8/29/2013
“Family Time in Lincoln” 8/30/2013
“Eric Estrada and Louisiana Shrimp Boil” 8/31/2013
““Just Fry Some More Okra”” 9/1/2013
“Goodbyes and Hello to Evansville” 9/2/2013
“More and More Goodbyes…” 9/3/2013
“We Made It!” 9/4/2013
“Welcome to Golf in Florida (or “You Are NOT in Arizona Anymore”)” 9/5/2013
“Easy Day in Florida” 9/6/2013
“Wanamaker and Walmart” 9/6/2013
“New Day/New Course” 9/7/2013
“Turning Over a New Leaf (or A New Season)” 9/8/2013
“Yoga-Golf-Būccan” 9/9/2013
“From Cycling School to Old School” 9/10/2013
“Marshy Golf” 9/12/2013
“And Then There Were Three…” 9/13/2013
“Alone Again (Naturally)” 9/14/2013
“Full Day/Empty Resort” 9/15/2013
“Movin’ On Up” 9/16/2013
“More Golf and Dining in Naples” 9/17/2013
“Reuinited (And it Feels so Good)” 9/18/2013
“Rest Day for Jack and Rich” 9/19/2013
“Arrival at Canyon Ranch (or How to Wear Yourself Out in 5 Short Days)” 9/20/2013
“Full On at the Ranch” 9/21/2013
“Back for More” 9/22/2013
“I Could Get Used to This” 9/23/2013
“Easing Back into Reality (not!)” 9/24/2013
“The Mighty Road Bicyclists Complete Their Journey!” 9/25/2013
“Way Down Here in Key West” 9/26/2013
“Starting the Trek Northward” 9/27/2013
“The Final Leg for the 3 Amigos” 9/28/2013
“Go West, Young Man” 9/29/2013
“The Palace Casino” 9/30/2013
“A Little More Family Time” 10/2/2013
“Day Off in Keller” 10/3/2013
“Balloonia” 10/4/2013
“Great Day in Albuquerque” 10/5/2013
“Go West, Young Man!” 10/6/2013